About Us

We are the Wilson family.  I'm Tishia and my husband is Brian. We have 3 kids; twin daughters, Brianna and Tia, and a son, Brice.  They are all in college now, but when they were younger and began playing sports I would try to find ways to encourage them without embarrassing them in their games.  That didn't work out too well, but over the years and through the process of telling the kids that they should be confident and not worry because God was with them - it morphed into telling them that they should always know that the favor of God is with them in everything they do and I realized that I could represent the Favor of God with the acronym F.o.G.  So then we began telling Brianna, Tia, and Brice that they had "the FoG" and that became the pep talk before every pitch, game, hit, and race.  Now that Brice is the last to head off to college and will be continuing to play sports there- we want him, as well as the girls, to keep that message with them as they continue, not just in sports, but in life. Not only that, but also as a family we believe in wearing clothes that promote positivity and that represent what we believe. We wanted to create an opportunity for others to do the same. So- CreatedBytheFoG was born. Now, we can all dress with confidence and boldness in positive and fashionable pieces made possible by the FoG.

With love,

The Wilsons